November 29, 2015

Video-Performance for the occassion of ArtCOP21

A global festival of cultural activity on climate change
September - December 2015, Events occurring in Paris & Worldwide



Participating in ArtCOP21 as a member of AiNIN (Artists in Nature International Network)


It is impossible to anticipate what will come next: will the early spring bloom due to unseasonal heat be followed by a hard frost and total crop loss?

Changes are erratic, more concentrated. Rain flooded senior housing close to the river this summer, toilets backed up…then weeks later bone dry, cracked ground. Umbrella comes up, goes down. Take a coat. Where did you put my rain boots? I can’t sleep. It’s too hot. Don’t forget to bundle up. Take something off. Put something on. I packed those away for the summer already. The humidity is oppressive. Funnel clouds were spotted and it is December….

This action is part of the project: “2° - Global Warming and its Environmental Impact”
organised by Artists in Nature International Network www.artinnature.org